Partially Complete

S.No. Promise Category
1 Power at the grass root level. Mayor will be directly elected and there will be check and balance on him/her. Accountability
2 No one will live in the governors’ houses. A committee regarding that is formed and it will decide the fate of those houses. PM house will be turned into a research university. Scholars from abroad will be invited. Austerity Drive
3 We will ensure equal rights and respect for the residents of tribal areas by consolidating FATA’s merger with KP and allocating special development funds for this purpose. FATA            
4 We will launch a Mega Development Plan by allocating 3% of federal divisible pool on annual basis by fully associating the people in formulation and execution of the plan.   FATA
5 We will ensure job creation in the tribal areas, especially with investments to harness natural resources of the region. FATA
6 We will enforce depoliticization of police by building upon KP’s successful police reform model, which will be replicated nationally. Police Refoms
7 Police system will be reformed. IG Nasir Durrani of KPK will be given advisory in Punjab to reform Punjab police.
8 A task force under Dr. Ishrat will oversee merit appointments and will depoliticize the civil service. No political interference will be done. Officers will be given tenure protection. Civil Service
9 We will ensure full capitalisation of digital financial services to supplement digitisation of documentation Digitization
10 Government advertisement will be rationalised and not be made a tool to harass or bribe the independent media. Media Reforms
11 Ministry of water will be formed. Farmers will be taught new ways of preserving water like sprinkle system. Canal lining will be formed. Dams will be built. Water Crisis
12 Government hospitals will be reformed. The management will be reformed. A task force will be formed in Punjab and KPK for that. Health card system will be introduced in whole Pakistan. Health Reforms
13 We will establish a Knowledge Economy Authority with cross-sectional powers across government departments. Economy
14 We will reduce import duty on farm machinery to increase productivity. Agriculture