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S.No. Promise Category
1 A high-power task force will be formed under Dr. Ishrat Hussain to get stolen money back from abroad. Corruption
2 Whistle blower act will be passed. People who will help in pointing out the corrupt practices in government department will be given 20-25% of the money recovered. Accountability
3 Interior ministry will be kept under PM to check the money laundering. Accountability
4 Governors and ministers will lead a simple life. The citizens will be informed about their budget. Austerity Drive
5 We will develop and implement a plan to include the local population in CPEC and development of Gwadar. Reconciliation in Baluchistan
6 We will develop a national consensus on the creation of a South Punjab province on administrative grounds. South Punjab Province
7 Upon reaching consensus, we will pass legislation from the provincial assembly, and then from the two houses of parliament in Islamabad to create the legal framework for the creation of South Punjab province. South Punjab Province
8 We will launch an economic package for the new province to provide support in establishing the requisite infrastructure and institutions South Punjab Province
9 We will create special courts and dispute resolution forums to resolve intellectual property matters and copyrights. Judicial Reforms
10 We will carry out an audit of existing federal and provincial women protection laws to identify gaps and undertake legal reforms as part of our commitment to women empowerment. Judicial Reforms
11 The state will take responsibility of the street children, widows and disabled persons. Human Rights
12 Groups of lawyers will be sent to jails to check the living standards of prisoners. Human Rights
13 We will reform our prison system by upgrading existing infrastructure and ensure human rights are not violated. Human Rights
14 We will establish separate special juvenile detention centres and prisons for women Human Rights
15 If departments like passport department work on time, they will be given bonuses and will also be penalized for not functioning properly. Civil Service
16 We will complete electronic mapping of property Digitization
17 We will adopt electronic paper and data archiving of all future legal cases and progressively create an image database for records of the past ten years. Digitization
18 We will digitise monitoring and evaluation of socio-economic indicators with performance management capability of district and village councils. Digitization
19 We will create solid two-way linkages with China and promote an indigenous resource focused growth strategy to leverage trade infrastructure of CPEC and OBOR. Development
20 We will establish vibrant community centres at the district level, where exhibitions, road shows, literary events and workshops can take place. Development
21 We will provide (1) Playgrounds at Tehsil level, (2) Training centres and gymnasiums at Divisional Level to be used for training provincial and national teams and (3) Category A (National and International standard) sports complexes at the provincial level through a phased approach. Development
22 We will launch a new city governance model for Karachi that empowers local elected officials and a city government. Development
23 We will champion housing for the urban poor outside of Karachi with efficient commute infrastructure. Development
24 We will ensure laws for timely implementation of Wage Board decisions and for ensuring that media houses pay journalists their salaries and bonuses on a regular and timely basis. Media Reforms
25 We will also ensure that media owners provide insurance, training and protective cover for their journalists Media Reforms
26 We will launch an aggressive public awareness campaign on the “Need for water conservation” and against “The mismanagement of water” Water Crisis
27 We will reduce share of non-revenue generating water, crackdown on overabstraction and commit to recharging our aquifer Water Crisis
28 We will increase and sustain the national spending on water and sanitation. Water Crisis
29 We will double the size of the Lady Health Worker (LHW) programme to ensure each woman has access to complete package of LHW services (including family planning, pregnancy management, neonatal care), with adequate training, support and service structure for LHWs Health Reforms
30 We will ensure the availability of diagnostic facilities, preventive and curative treatment for communicable diseases such as Hepatitis, Tuberculosis and HIV. Health Reforms
31 We will launch an incentive programme to attract more doctors, LHWs and nurses to BHUs, particularly in remote locations Health Reforms
32 We will establish training institutes for nurses and paramedical staff nationwide. Health Reforms
33 We will create a mental health policy and champion initiatives to promote and address mental health issues through improve service delivery and research. Health Reforms
34 We will prioritise establishment and upgradation of girls’ schools and provide stipends to girls and women for continuing their education. Education
35 Public schools will be reformed. Education emergency is declared. Madrassas will be reformed. The education standard of madrassas will be raised. Education
36 We will establish a National Outreach Scholarship Programme to identify our best minds and fully fund their placement in the top institutions. Education
37 We will establish a National Commission for Education Standards that will issue a revised “Minimum Standards” list within 6 months of its constitution and initiate a – 45 – National Dialogue and technical consultation to approve a policy on the teaching of languages at each level of education Education
38 We will build the largest public-private partnership for education access in the developing world through vouchers for low-fee private schools & access to credit for educated youth to teach students in their communities. Education
39 We will create an Education Fund for young entrepreneurs to develop technology and communication-enabled solutions to provide access to education in remote areas. Education
40 We will increase schools at secondary level for girls by upgrading schools every year in high-enrolment areas and launching nation-wide radio, television and online self-learning programmes for secondary students Education
41 We will provide stipends to secondary school-going girls to reduce barriers to access. Education
42 Introduce literacy and mathematics teaching as formal subjects within the Madrassah curriculum. Education
43 We will launch a national programme to provide practical training to graduates in the public & private organisations. Education
44 TI will also focus on restructuring syllabi and mainstreaming Madrassas by providing them with proper educational facilities. This would entail teacher training including the establishment of special Islamic teaching academies with diplomas for teaching. Another component of mainstreaming Madrassas would be a public-private “adopt a Madrassa scheme” where the business enterprises in the local area are given tax benefits etc. for adopting a Madrassa, upgrading it and offering apprenticeships to its graduating students. Education
45 We will establish a large scale national Maternal Health Programme to provide assisted births along with family health and planning information to women. Women Empowerment
46 We will increase resources and capacity of “Dar-ul-Aman” and protective services for women. Women Empowerment
47 We will increase female participation in public sector by establishing significant quotas Women Empowerment
48 We will empower women politically by launching a women voter registration drive across Pakistan. Women Empowerment
49 We will ensure that like other citizens of Pakistan, overseas Pakistanis have security of titling. Overseas Pakistanis
50 Simplify tax assessment rules for corporations and small businesses. Tax Reforms
51 Integrate tax registration with associated processes to reduce the transaction cost of paying taxes. Tax Reforms
52 Improve audits by establishing risk engines and smart algorithms to identify potential taxpayers for audit Tax Reforms
53 We will improve and implement State Bank of Pakistan’s National Financial Inclusion Strategy, drastically increase access to finance, increase deposit base of banks and establish an infrastructure lending bank for large projects. Economy
54 We will launch a ten-year incentive plan for rapid growth of the SME sector. Sme Sector
55 Solve circular debt issue through reducing transmission and distribution losses, Power Generation
56 We will establish a Green Growth Task Force under the Prime Minister’s cell to facilitate necessary legislation and implement the Green Growth Agenda. Climate Change
57 We will further strengthen financing of institutions for climate change risk reduction. Climate Change
58 We will mainstream climate risks and the associated costs into decision making and development planning to climate proof our infrastructure and make future development resilient and adaptive to climate change. Climate Change
59 Increasing access to credit with easy terms of repayment Agriculture
60 Sharing costs of investments required to improve productivity. Agriculture
61 We will expand existing and create new warehouses along with crop grading system in key locations across Pakistan under public-private partnerships. Agriculture
62 We will deregulate the seed market apart from a few commercially important seeds. Agriculture
63 This will include work on a blueprint towards resolving the Kashmir issue within the parameters of UNSC resolutions. For lasting peace within our own region, especially with our neighbor India, conflict resolution and the security route to cooperation is the most viable. Foreign policy
64 We will regularly conduct nationwide surveys to ascertain the extent of disability prevalence and to generate actionable information on supporting persons with special needs. Differently-abled persons
65 We will define and acknowledge all categories of disabilities and issue specialised CNIC or disability certificate to ensure that differently-abled persons will receive privileges and facilities without any discrimination. Differently-abled persons
66 We will revitalise national family planning programmes, including providing airtime on national television to promote behaviour change and increase uptake and continuation of contraception. Population Control