In Progress

S.No. Promise Category
1 We will ensure full autonomy for the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and other accountability institutions and pursue all major corruption scandals regardless of political affiliation. Corruption
2 FBR will be facilitated in tackling corruption and the tax will be used in proper places.   Corruption
3 NAB will be facilitated through funds and manpower. Corruption
4 A task force under Dr. Ishrat Hussain will be formed to lower the budget of every department. Austerity Drive
5 We will allocate resources and build public sector capacities to effectively implement Right to Information (RTI) laws. Right to Information
6 We will reach out to the Baloch leadership and the disgruntled Baloch groups, especially the youth by ensuring them political and economic empowerment. Reconciliation in Baluchistan
7 We will create political consensus by engaging political parties, people of Punjab province and the rest of Pakistan, including other stakeholders. South Punjab Province
8 Make public outreach to police easier through new and enhanced policing apps, SMS systems, online FIRs and call centres. Police Reforms
9 Establish Women police stations and desks at all levels to facilitate women empowerment.   Police Reforms
10 We will depoliticise Karachi’s police service and implement a merit-based professional system to improve management.   Police Refroms
11 We will begin crack-down on land & bhatta mafias. Police Reforms
12 We will launch a judicial reforms programme that will provide speedy and quality justice for all citizens. Judicial Reforms
13 Justice system will be revamped. Speedy justice will be ensured. Cases will not go beyond one year. Cases of widows regarding the property will be tackled at a fast pace. Judicial Reforms
14 Child abuse Strict action by human rights ministry. Human Rights
15 We will enact structural reform to establish a legally empowered, well-resourced and independent National Commission on Minorities, followed by provincial Commissions/Departments.   Human Rights
16 We will ensure that the people of GB get their due political and economic rights. Human Rights
17 We will transform the civil service into a merit based, depoliticised cadre of professionals. Civil Service
18 We will create and implement the National Digital Policy to ensure privacy, security, standardisation and data sharing across all stakeholders. Digitization
19 We will transform and massively enhance the capacity of Karachi’s mass transit system by leveraging on public and private financing. Development
20 We will increase funding for the poorest districts through existing poverty alleviation programmes.   Poverty
21 Launch a Youth in Politics and Community Challenge Fund.   Development
22 Empower people at the grassroots through local government Development
23 PEMRA will be made autonomous Media Reforms
24 PBC and PTV will be made autonomous with their own Board of Governors similar to the BBC model.
25 We will improve and ensure implementation of our master water plan for each province and the national water policy   Water Crisis
26 We will expedite construction of Diamer-Bhasha dam and will speed up feasibility studies for other dams.   Water Crisis
27 We will build small dams across Pakistan to conserve water and fulfil local demand.   Water Crisis
28 We will aggressively expand our rainwater catchment capacity in urban and rural areas.   Water Crisis
29 We will provide resources and support to local government bodies to provide filtration plants through a public-private-partnership model. Water Crisis
30 We will provide clean drinking to all Karachi residents and implement plan to solve Karachi water problems. Potable Water
31 We will aggressively improve waste management and resolve sanitation issues in Karachi through a component sharing model with public, private and community funding. Potable Water
32 50 lakhs affordable houses in 5 years. And this will increase employment for youth and for different industries. Housing Scheme
33 We will champion housing for the urban poor outside of Karachi with efficient commute infrastructure. Housing Scheme
34 We will double efforts to increase vaccination coverage in provinces with lesser coverage (Balochistan and Sindh in particular). Health Reforms
35 We will increase number of 24/7 BHUs &RHCs equipped with basic package of services, staff and ambulance service to ensure each village has access to a facility within 10 km radius and reduce the burden on tertiary hospital.   Health Reforms
36 We will build state of the art hospitals in major urban centres to ensure the best healthcare facilities to the poor. Health Reforms
37 We will establish minimum standards for all public schools to ensure provision of facilities and a child-friendly learning environment.   Education
38 We will launch a nationwide literacy programme to engage 50,000 youth volunteers to teach literacy in exchange for university credits.   Education
39 We will launch a large-scale teacher certification programme. Education
40 We will establish a National Steering Committee to enact examination board overhaul and move towards instituting a standardised central examination scheme.   Education
41 We will establish at least 10 technical universities in Pakistan to provide skills to our youth.   Education
42 We will remove political influence and create an independent, transparent mechanism to select Vice Chancellors and senior administrators.   Education
43 We will regulate university curriculum to include compulsory courses on communication, reasoning, IT literacy as well as instruction in social sciences.   Education
44 We will expand vocational training programmes to provide relevant, high-quality skills to post-secondary students each year and will create partnerships with local industries and foreign governments to employ vocational and technical graduates Education
45 We will provide economic opportunity to women by strengthening the legal framework to protect women’s inheritance rights to land and property, increasing state-provided micro-finance, establishing residential and caretaking facilities for working women in urban settings.       Women Empowerment
46 We will reform the justice system to Increase representation of female police officers, improve investigative and prosecutorial process for gender-based violence, and Establish gender-based violence courts, Improve investigative and forensic procedures for sexual offence cases. Women Empowerment
47 We will champion development of financial instruments to create attractive investment opportunities for Overseas Pakistanis.   Overseas Pakistanis
48 We will strengthen Pakistani embassies to provide emergency relief.   Overseas Pakistanis
49 We will create a virtual investment desk in key embassies. Overseas Pakistanis
50 We will provide consular and legal services to all Pakistanis jailed abroad.   Overseas Pakistanis
51 Pakistan’s embassies abroad will be facilitated. Pakistani who are in jail abroad will be facilitated.   Overseas Pakistanis
52 Overseas Pakistanis will be provided investment opportunities so that their money is invested in Pakistan Overseas Pakistanis
53 PTI will reform FBR and increase the tax net through a robust tax policy, efficient tax administration structure and effective enforcement mechanism. Tax Reforms
54 Increase FBRs autonomy by reducing the influence of Ministry of Finance and will ensure FBR is performance managed.   Tax Reforms
55 Champion sustainable initiatives to reduce taxes on businesses. Tax Reforms
56 PTI will strengthen the labour market and create 10 million jobs over 5 years in key sectors: SME, housing, ICT, health, education, green economy and tourism.   Employment
57 Youth will be given employment opportunities. They wil be taught different skills, will be provided loans without interest and playgrounds will be built for them. Employement
58 Increase in exports by helping the export industries. There will be an office in PM house to facilitate people who are doing business.   Economy
59 PTI will put Pakistan in the top 100 economies of the world according to the World Bank’s doing business rankings in five years.   Economy
60 PTI will make Pakistan’s textile industry more competitive to boost exports and regain its position in the international markets. Economy
61 We will establish pilot SME Incubators across Pakistan with improved access to funding, advanced technology, efficient transport & warehousing facilities, partners for Joint Ventures, cost sharing solutions, technical assistance on tax, legal and regulatory compliance. Sme Sector
62 PTI will complete electrification of rural areas. Power Generation
63 Implement our plan to harness our natural resources towards a greener energy mix.   Power Generation
64 Develop 20 new tourist destinations in 5 years; 4 each year. Tourism
65 Open all government guest houses to the public   Tourism
66 Improve processes to issue tourist visas, in particular for groups and champion initiatives, which strengthen our visa on arrival programme. Tourism
67 Four new resorts every year. Tourism
68 Billion tress plantations in different cities through campaigns run by youth. Air pollution will be tackled. Climate Change
69 Cleaning drives will be conducted, especially in Karachi. Climate Change
70 We will expand and restore the fractured forests of Pakistan through a “10 Billion Tree Tsunami” spread over 5 years under principles of true forest valuation, community stewardship as well as public-private partnerships. Climate Change
71 We will aggressively implement initiatives and strive to stop polluting and start cleaning our air and water. We shall aim to internalize and integrate true environmental costs in all economic decisions and present a yearly national “Eco budget”. Climate Change
72 Famers will be provided assistance by increase the prices of the yield. Agriculture research will be conducted. Agriculture
73 We will decrease costs by Optimizing existing and introducing new subsidy programmes. Agriculture
74 We will incentivize farmers to conserve water, adopt regenerative agriculture, effectively control weeds and be more market driven with their crop mix. Agriculture
75 We will incentivize farmers to conserve water, adopt regenerative agriculture, effectively control weeds and be more market driven with their crop mix. Agriculture
76 Peaceful relations with other countries. Establish a policy coordination cell within the PM office to coordinate inputs from key national stakeholders and Ministries into the foreign policy, for informed decision-making. External policy cannot run on parallel official tracks. Foreign Policy
77 We will ensure 2% job quota fulfilment for differently-abled persons at all government establishments. Differently-abled persons
78 We will provide training, skills and finance through public-private partnerships for differently-abled persons, and income support to differently-abled persons with severe disabilities. Differently-abled persons
79 We will invest in the provincial Special Education Departments and Institutions to uplift their infrastructure, human resource and assistive technologies. Differently-abled persons
80 We will conduct provincial and national Special Olympics and sporting events and arrange for sports federations to sponsor international participation of special athletes. Differently-abled persons
81 We will develop Disability Resource Centres at each district, equipped with necessary equipment. Differently-abled persons
82 We will help in therapy of differently-abled persons (such as hearing aids, wheelchair, etc., through federal and provincial programmes.) Differently-abled persons
83 We will ensure the adequate availability of contraception to all married women of reproductive age (MWRA) through the population welfare and healthcare network of Basic Health Units, Lady Health Workers and Community Midwives.   Population Control
84 We will build on the existing consensus from religious leaders of all major schools of jurisprudence on using temporary birth spacing methods and publicise their endorsement at the community and household level. Population Control