Tabdeeli Tracker is a multimedia website that tracks the promises by the current Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan proposed in their manifesto during the election campaign of 2018. It tracks the progress of 176 promises falling under 33 different sectors.

This website aims to provide a platform to the general public to keep a check and balance on the work of the government, relative to fulfilling the mandate it was elected on. It provides the public with all the information at one place which could enable them to hold the government accountable by providing facts.

Beyond text based information, it also includes audio-visual elements. It includes the progress in different sectors (like climate change, education, corruption etc.) making the audience aware of the steps taken by the officials in the particular category by monitoring all the online English newspapers and press releases by the government. In addition to that, stats are being presented in the form of infographics. It also includes video interviews of experts, journalists and govt. officials critiquing the progress so far.